We are one of the outlet among the cooperative group called Organic Farmer's Market(OFM) which is focused on getting safe food from organic farmers directly and provide the same to consumers at a fair price.

All our grains, millets, pulses, flours, oils, spices, sweeteners, snacks, processed foods and other dry foods are wholesome and full of nutrients and goodness since no chemical pesticides, additives or preservatives are used during any aspect of their growth, harvesting, milling or processing.

Our aim is to continue bringing you such healthful, tasty foods for your consumption regularly and in the best quality. OFM team is constantly scouting around, visiting farms, talking to farmers so that we can supply you with all that you may require on a regular basis for your household.

When you buy from us you become a restorer. You restore your health, you restore the livelihoods of the farmers and most importantly you restore nature.